How Do You Use Online Shopper? for Sale in Chittenango, NY

Online Shopper

Skip the frustration and stress of car buying in Syracuse by using Online Shopper. It’s the first real-time platform in the automotive industry that allows the entire deal to take place online. This tool builds personalized Chevrolet deals for each car buyer Fayetteville by asking you as serious of questions can be completed in just a few minutes.

Using Online Shopper

  • Choose Your Vehicle: To begin, go to the inventory page of the vehicle you’re interested in, and click “Explore Payment Options” and a new tab will open.
  • Answer questions: These are basic questions about who you are, if any rebates apply to you, your credit score, and your driving habits. Your answers will help Online Shopper formulate the best personalized deal for you.
  • Provide Trade-In Info: If you’re trading in your current vehicle, you’ll provide details about the trade-in car, such as make, model, and condition.
  • Down Payment Info: If you’re planning to make a down payment, let Online Shopper know how much you’d like to put down. You will not be making the actual down payment at this time. The tool is gathering information to create finance offers.
  • Choose Finance Terms: Choose your preferred terms and you’ll be provided with lease and finance offers based on your credit score, mileage, and down payment.
  • Lease or Finance: You’ll have the choice between leasing and financing, so you can choose the option that best suits your budget.

Our Inventory

In Transit

  • This vehicle has been purchased or traded in, and will arrive within the next 3-5 business days. If you are interested in this vehicle, please let us know.
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Sale Pending

  • This vehicle is currently in sale pending status. If it does not get delivered, please let us know if you'd be interested in this vehicle or something similar to it.
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I'm interested in Home Delivery

Home Delivery is now available at Sun Auto! This is an excellent option, at no additional charge for customers within 50 miles. Simply complete the form below and one of our Sales Representatives will contact you to confirm eligibility! For additional details about Home Delivery click HERE or call (866) 496-0972.
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I'm Interested

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Finalizing the Deal

  • Credit Application: If you wish to, you can complete your credit application next. If you complete the application, you’ll receive an email inviting you back to Online Shopper to finalize your deal. If you opt out of the credit application, the next step will be to wait to hear back from the dealership regarding next steps.
  • Final Terms Sheet: You’ll be given a final terms sheet that shows your monthly payments and approved interest rate. You’ll also have the opportunity to select your warranty and add any accessories.
  • Final Payment Plan: Once any accessories or warranties are added, you’ll be shown your final payment plan, and you can schedule the pickup of your new vehicle.

Picking Up Your Vehicle

With Online Shopper, you can complete the bulk of your car-buying experience in Utica without having to visit the Sun Chevrolet. Once you’ve been given your final payment plan overview, all you need to do is schedule the pickup of your vehicle. That is when you will make the actual down payment and sign your financing agreement. After that, you can ask any additional questions or simply drive away in your brand-new Chevrolet.

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